Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Makes endeavors to Promote Shipping Industry Globally

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani, a renowned Chairman and Managing Director of Dubai Trading Agency Group in the UAE, is a man who has motivated many people through his ambition, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, he has been a British citizen since 2009.

He was born on April 27, 1962, into a highly respected family in Karachi, Pakistan. Since his childhood, he has shown his deep interest in sports with a particular love for tennis.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani¬† was not just a casual sports enthusiast, in fact he was always keen to learn tennis anyhow. He kept practicing and very soon he started playing like a professional player. In his school days he started guiding his school’s sports team. It was not enough, his teachers also started noticing his talent and dedication, especially his grip over Tennis. Afterwards, he got a chance to present Pakistan in the prestigious Davis Cup which was such an overwhelming moment for him & his family.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani

He was not stopped there and he had the honor of playing in Junior Wimbledon, a moment that made his school, family, and country immensely proud. However, he achieved significant success in the sports world but after a time he realized to focus on his career and started to embark on a new journey. He started exploring his aspirations in the corporate industry and decided to enter the shipping industry with the ambition of becoming a well-recognized global entrepreneur. But somewhere he knew that to become an entrepreneur, he first had to grab more knowledge & experience in the industry.

With his vision, he joined a ship recycling yard based in Pakistan. This ship industry yard was facilitated by a close family friend in Pakistan. For consecutive 3 years, he worked tirelessly in an 8-8 shift where he managed and supervised the movement of steel plates sourced from decommissioned vessels. These steel plates were subsequently sold to on-site traders, marking the beginning of his journey in the shipping industry.

During his tenure, he worked on his skills and gained valuable experience in the shipping industry. In 1985, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani took a bold step and moved to Dubai UAE where he founded his own firm, Dubai Trading Agency (DTA). The objective behind DTA was to purchase old ships and sell them to local ship recycling yards for decommissioning.

Mr. Tahir’s visionary approach and determination led DTA to become the first-ever ‘cash buyer’ of vessels to establish full-fledged operations in the country. His commitment to sustainability and responsible ship recycling practices also saw him partnering with international maritime publication Tradewinds to organize the first Green Recycling Conference in Dubai.

In 1996, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani inked one of the most significant ship decommissioning deals, involving the purchase of three ex-Adriatic Tankers VLCCs in international waters off the UAE. These vessels were then sent for decommissioning at ports in Pakistan, marking a significant milestone in his career.

By 1997, DTA had firmly established its prowess in the ship recycling industry, becoming one of the world’s biggest “Cash Buyers” of ships, with the buying and selling of more than 100 ships annually.

Then, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani moved to the UK with his aim to promote the shipping industry on an international platform. He drafted and implemented significant plans and forged new connections in the ship recycling industry. In 2009, he acquired British citizenship, further solidifying his role in promoting the UK’s shipping industry internationally.

Despite his international endeavors, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani never missed a chance to visit Dubai regularly. In 2014, he made the decision to return to the UAE to further develop the business and promote the country as a key regional and international hub for maritime trade and logistics.

Today, Dubai Trading Agency (DTA) stands as a renowned name in the ship recycling business, serving at a global level. The company’s accomplishments include winning the ‘Ship Agency of the Year’ Award at The Maritime Standard Awards 2018, a recognition of its significant presence in the global shipping recycling industry.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani’s journey is a remarkable tale of determination, entrepreneurship, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the shipping industry. His efforts have not only established DTA as a major player on the global stage but have also contributed significantly to the growth of the UAE’s maritime trade and logistics sector.

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